Cold Water.

Dear Family,

One good thing about Jaen, is the wonderful feeling of a cold water shower. It is glorious. It is one thing I wake up looking forward too every morning. And the even better part is the ice cold water I enjoy during my study. I am so incredibly blessed to have a mini fridge in my room.
This week was hot. And not many people wanted to be in their homes just when we had planned to visit them. So we had a fairly downer week. But not too downer, because we find ways to make life fun. Like saying random celebrities names as we walk by someone, since it is Peruvian custom to say any random thing as you pass by someone. It gives us a good laugh. Which is really sad actually.
We are still working with wonderful people and are looking to find ways to get people married. If you have any idea, we would love to hear it.
Chiclayo was sweet this week. It is nice to take a day or two from the heat and sleep in the richest room among missionaries, the office room. It has air conditioning. Unheard of. And all of the office elders are wonderful people, so we always enjoy our time there. Unfortunately Peru Postal is on strike. So no package yet. But we will see in the days to come. We go down to Chiclayo this week on Wednesday. We have a mission wide Christmas Conference. We arent allowed to call it party.
I hope you all have an awesome week. Enjoy the snow. Drink a nice glass of Cold Water. And live it up.
I love you all.
Elder Kasteler

Also, Go watch this video por favor.



Dear Family,

So I have never, and will never be able to juggle. But this week, I came about as close as I may ever come. We had plenty to do. It is just normal now, so I will stop making mention of the length of our Todo lists.
So now there are Elders in Jaen 2. Or in other words there are 4 missionaries in the ward. They are great Elders and it is awesome to be able to work along side them.
From Friday of last week to about Wednesday of this week, we hardly even had time to study, and things seemed to get a little bit out of hand. But it was great.
So I now have like almost 2 months here in Jaen. And its hot, but I have never ever been sunburnt before here. So I dont wear sunscreen. But this week, I dont know how or when, but my companion and I got fried. I am not in pain I am just very red. So maybe this week I will wear sunscreen.
It is seeming to cool down a tiny tiny bit here in Jaen. Sometimes in the morning it is cloudy and therefore not 90 degrees. It is glorious.
Today we played soccer. Yay.
We are working with many golden families. They have such infinite potential. I love it. They are such good people, with such good intentions, and I see that this Gospel is going to bless them so much.
I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving this week. We sure will. I am thankful for my life in general. Nothing more. Just all of everything. My family. My God. and My Peru. What more does someone need.
Thank you for being good people. I love you all.
Elder Kasteler

Sweden + Bagua

Dear Family,
This week was fun. We had a ton going on, places to be, things to see. It was a blast. So today is changes. Yesterday we sent two missionaries who finished their missions home. That is not a fun thing to do.
Today we sent 3 more down to Chiclayo so they can get there new areas, and tomorrow night we will be picking up three 5 new missionaries. Awesome.
This week we worked hard, and were just magically led to some great families. I love finding new families. They are progressing little by little, but things are looking promising.
We got to travel an hour away to a town called Bagua Chica, twice this week. Thursday we went down there to find a room and pension because President is going to put Missionaries there. It is a town that is even hotter than Jaen. What is crazy is 40 degrees in the states is cold, but in celcius, 40 is incredibly hot. In Bagua it gets to 40. Hot. We are going to find several fans for them. But it is so cool to drive by so many mountains and rivers and just see how awesome peru is.
Today we had to move all of the furniture from Jaen 2 (the area of the sisters in our ward) to Bagua. As we went to go get the keys from the sisters, we ran into some neat people. It was a couple from Sweden who have been traveling the world on two motorcycles for 2 and a half years. They have been to well over 20 countries and speak English. They were incredibly nice people. We chatted for a bit, and they told us how wonderful it was to just sell everything and not have things. Life is better without things. They just seemed like such happy people. I was super happy to have been able to talk to them and get a photo.
So now a new change begins with good old Elder Unruh. In this change: Christmas, 2 trips to chiclayo, I hit 17 months, the Sisters from my group go home, and we are going to kill it working. So look forward to all that fun stuff.
Life is golden.
I love you all.
Elder Kasteler
(I wanted to upload our picture with the Swedish Fish, but I couldnt get it. Peruvian Internet.)

The Importance of Goals.

Dear Family,

So this week was crazy. We were putting together our numbers yesterday and I had to look at my companion and ask if it was this week that we went to Chiclayo or if it was last. It has been an eternal week. The traveling went well. The zone meeting went well. I spoke words that were definitely not my own. It was incredible. The interviews that we had to plan went well. The stake conference went well. And now we move on to the next week. I love life.
This week we were busy, but we were still able to find many new families here in the area. That is the best part of being in our position. You have so much to juggle, but you still get to see miracles. You still get to offer the gospel. You still get to learn.
Today we played a lot of ping pong and made cookies. They were alright. This next week is looking like it is going to be a great one. And a busy one. And the week before changes. Oh great.
This week, I was astounded by the love that President Williams has for his wife. Seriously, I just want to have what they have. He, in the meeting with zone leaders, spoke wonderfully of his love for her. It was powerful. I want that. But further down the road.
I love that God loves me. I feel it often. And even if President is upset that we dont like to throw out old things, I know that God prepares our lessons. I spoke to the zone on the importance of goals. I used the words of Sir Peter Hayward in speaking of plateaus. God doesnt have plateaus. There are no limits. He has none. It is a marvelous life in which we live. I love it. I love the lessons. I love the experiences. I love the thrill. I love it all. I hope you guys are able to experience the golden joy.
It is a wonderful opportunity to work with this Zone in Jaen. They are grand people.
I love you all dearly. I hope you have an incredible week. Do good work.
Elder Kasteler

Sleep Planning

Dear Family,

This week was awesome. We did work. And we had plenty of work placed before us. One thing that I loved about this week, was just staying super busy. We had to buy more furniture, find doctors, call stake and ward leaders from all over Jaen, present plans, make plans, and drop everything to go help some missionaries out. And it was awesome. I just love staying busy. I thrive when I am busy. I also cherish the quiet moments even more. The 5 mintues that I have just to sit still and think. Everyone needs those still moments.
Our bus for Chiclayo leaves in about an hour and half. And then we have six hours ahead of us. Since we buy the tickets, we get to choose our seats. And so this trip, we are going to be traveling in the very first row with a panaromic view in front of us the whole trip. So that should be cool.
This next week is going to also be very very busy. We have lots of meetings and lots of other meetings. Time management is crucial. And procrastination is not a good idea.
Two nights ago, I fell into a trap that I have often fell into on the mission. Sometimes I wake up at night, and instantly I begin to think about what needs to get done. And then I litteraly start sleep planning. I plan very effectively in my sleep. I am so weird.
I hope you all have a splendid week. I look forward to another good one. Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay golden.
Elder Kasteler

Hot. Hot. Hot.

Dear Family,

Feeling hot hot hot. So Jaen is officially hot. Temperatures dont exist here, until I logged onto the mission portal and was informed that the high here is 98 degrees this week. And we are just barely beginning hot season here. Oh glory.
This week was great though. We worked like wonderful little hard workers. Really though this week turned out incredible. Some of the best numbers I have gotten in weeks. We are seeing much progress in many of our investigators while at the same time finding new wonderful people, while at the same time juggling the needs of the other missionaries, and the zone money, and furniture, and I am so happy. Life is good.
Today we played Uno and Ping Pong. Classic Pday. What a good time.
The zone is doing well. We have promising goals for this upcoming month that will be great. They will also require chamba. (a word for work in Peruvian). But luckily we have some grand missionaries in the zone. They are young, but they have great potential.
This upcoming week we will be traveling to Chiclayo. We leave next monday morning (so I will be writing a lot earlier) and then get back like 9:30ish Tuesday night. Traveling. What a joy. I actually dont really mind it though. It is kind of calming. It gives me time to think. Something a missionary doesnt really have.
Thank you for all that you guys are doing for me. Your prayers, your love, your good examples. Thank you. Stay golden.
I love you all, even cam.
Elder Kasteler

Lots of Traveling.

Dear Family,

So this week we traveled 12 hours, spent about another 12 in meetings, and had a killer time trying to get everything else done. What a joy. This week was actually really cool. We invited to baptism like locos. And as a result, we have a few more baptismal dates. Glory.
This week was actually really awesome though. We had little time to work, but we went to work. We had many contacts. We taught many lessons. And so it was still not a waste of a week. Starting the week, we were considering that it was going to be a pday week. But it actually turned out very well. I am well pleased.
Today we played soccer again. That is nothing new. We have been put in charge of buying all of the furniture that the missionaries dont have and for that reason, we are running around all of Jaen finding where they sell book cases, mattresses, or shower curtains. Where is Ikea when you need it.
This week will be normal. No traveling. No long trainings and meetings. Just pure nitty gritty work. I am very excited to sweat my mind out. Lets get to work.
I hope you all have a splendid week. Things are going well here in Peru. I pray for you all daily. I want the best for you. As does the Lord. Things always work out. Please please please continue reading your scriptures. Make time if there is none. Sacrifice a little to recieve a lot.
I love you all dearly,
Elder Kasteler