Dear Family,

So this week was awesome. We had everything planned for Presidents arrival and all went well. Interviews were great. The Worldwide mission broadcast went well and President was very grateful for our preparation. Success.
So we were just happy with how things turned out and working as normal when we got a call from President on Friday morning. He let us know that he wanted us to go to a town 3 hours away from Jaen called Chachapoyas. There are no missionaries there so he wanted us to go to do interviews. And he wanted us to leave the next morning. So we instantly changed all plans, and ended up spending Saturday, Sunday, and this morning in Chachapyas.
Chacha is so nice. It is an incredible mountain village that gets cold. Cold. I felt cold for the first time in like 2 and a half years. It was magnificent. The branch up there is doing well. They are like the morrope branch just a little bigger. We had success with two of the interviews and gave a training to about 20 members about how to do missionary work without missionaries. So it was a fun success.
And now my companion and I are exhausted. And so very happy. But exhausted.
I hope you all enjoy a great week. Stay Happy. Stay Cold.
Elder Kasteler

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