Clean Room.

Dear Family,

This week was marvelous. I think I may have set a record of lessons for my entire mission. It was fantastic. And we feel very good about the results. We are making great progress and staying busy.
So tomorrow President Williams and his wife are going to be in Jaen. Which means that my companion and I have some fun preparations to make. One of those being a clean room to avoid the incident of what happened last time President paid us a vist. So our room has been cleaned and even reorganized in a different format to make it look even cleaner. The floor has been waxed, and the mirrors are clean. Hopefully things work out.
I often find my companion and I talking about so many random subjects. This morning we talked about family jet-ski trips. Yesterday we talked about senior trips. We talk about all sorts of things. And I just love how happy I get talking about the family. Its nothing trunky, but it is just fun to remember all the awesome times we have experienced. What a cool experience to have a companion from Utah.
I hope you all have a great week. Study hard. Work hard. And Pray that all goes well for the zone leaders of Jaen. We sure pray for you guys.
We love you all. My companion cant wait to get to meet jackson.
Stay busy.
Elder Kasteler

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