Hace Calor no?

Dear Family,

So this week, we had some killer results. Some great baptism invites. Some great trainings. Some great moments. And it was hotter than you could ever imagine. Almost every single conversation with everyone we talked to began with “Hace calor no?” Its hot isnt it. Well of course it is.
But you get used to it. You drink cold water. You use a fan. And you get over it.
Things went really well in Chiclayo. We had a grand time. My package showed up as soon as I got on the bus, which means I will have it next week. President and the Assistants are coming up to Jaen to do interviews. And there is going to be a worldwide broadcast that President wants to watch here in Jaen. And it just so happens that we are in charge of making sure nothing goes wrong. You best believe that something is going to go wrong. It always does.
Things are going well. This morning I read two great talks from Jeffery Holland. One was about the High Priest of Good things to Come. There are always good things around the corner. Things always work out. And the other was about the importance of members in missionary work. So if you have any friends that need and or want this gospel, Please share it. Please.
Do good work. Stay Strong. Smile on.
Love you all.
Elder Kasteler

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