New Year.

Dear Family,

Here in Peru it is a tradition to say Feliz Año to everyone you meet. Even if it is four days past the new year. So yesterday at church everyone was going around hugging each other saying happy year. I love Peru.
To bring in the new year, I enjoyed a great nights sleep. Literally I was out. What a great way to celebrate. Not waking up at all. Awesome.
This week was a good week for our area and for the zone. Our results were very close to what our goals were. We are working with many new missionaries to the zone and they seem to be doing great. We have been finding new people to work with and keep moving along with the same ones we have been working with. Things are going well.
The weather is somewhat varied daily. We wake up and it is downpouring, then we go out to work and then it is hot as a Big Mac and then we feel somewhat cool at night. I dont get it. It doesnt make sense. But it works.
Today, in about an hour, we will be going down to Chiclayo again. Yay. 6 hours. We think the conference of zone leaders is going to be about the Book of Mormon. So it should be sweet.
I hope you all have a great week. Enjoy the cold. Learn to be content with what the Lord gives you, and everything will work out. Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. Enjoy some Cheerios for me.
I love you all.
Elder Kasteler

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