Cool Clouds.

Dear Family,

This week was not hot. I dont know how. I dont know why. But there has been a whole lot of rain everyday this past week and lots of awesome clouds. So we are not dying, and when it drops to 80 degrees or so, my companion and I sometimes feel cold. That should not make sense.
So Felipe was baptized this past week. That was awesome. His baptism literally was the most spiritual experience I may have had on my mission. The best part was watching his families reaction to the church. I know there is no way they can deny what they felt.
Today was not Pday again. And this friday we wont be able to write. But yesterday and today have been loco for us, due to changes. My companion and I live on to see another 6 weeks together. But we sent down 4 great missionaries and now within a short minute we will go to the bus station to recieve 6 new wonderful missionaries. We have been running mattresses and room keys and all sorts of other preparations to make sure everything goes smoothly. Last night, I ran probably the fastest I have ever run in my life, just because my companion and I couldnt find a moto taxi, so we had to run from one room to another to open up the door. It was an adventure.
Things are going very well. And when this new year comes, things are going to go even better. Thats just the way things work. This work is awesome. This work is cool. I want to do this forever.
I love you all. Keep your chin up.
Elder Kasteler

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