The Oranges

Dear Family,

So this week we were in Chiclayo for 3 days. So for not having a ton of time to work, we did great work. I feel alright about it.
We are continuing to work with many great families and are planning to bring many people back to the church. The zone is doing well as well. So things are going awesome here in Jaen. Its just really hot.
Today we went to a place called Las Naranjas. It is a tiny town of 300 people that President told us to go visit to check it out to see if it is a good Pday spot. It is just a trail that leads up to some mountains, nonetheless, it is awesome for a missionary to just be able to go into the jungle sometimes. We just walked around and took some pictures and then headed right back down. Nothing to exoctic but still enjoyable.
Next week is Christmas. That is awesome.
All is well. I am learning tons every single day. The mission is just the place I need to be right now. And I dont even want to think about college.
Keep doing whats right. I love you all
Elder Kasteler

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