Cold Water.

Dear Family,

One good thing about Jaen, is the wonderful feeling of a cold water shower. It is glorious. It is one thing I wake up looking forward too every morning. And the even better part is the ice cold water I enjoy during my study. I am so incredibly blessed to have a mini fridge in my room.
This week was hot. And not many people wanted to be in their homes just when we had planned to visit them. So we had a fairly downer week. But not too downer, because we find ways to make life fun. Like saying random celebrities names as we walk by someone, since it is Peruvian custom to say any random thing as you pass by someone. It gives us a good laugh. Which is really sad actually.
We are still working with wonderful people and are looking to find ways to get people married. If you have any idea, we would love to hear it.
Chiclayo was sweet this week. It is nice to take a day or two from the heat and sleep in the richest room among missionaries, the office room. It has air conditioning. Unheard of. And all of the office elders are wonderful people, so we always enjoy our time there. Unfortunately Peru Postal is on strike. So no package yet. But we will see in the days to come. We go down to Chiclayo this week on Wednesday. We have a mission wide Christmas Conference. We arent allowed to call it party.
I hope you all have an awesome week. Enjoy the snow. Drink a nice glass of Cold Water. And live it up.
I love you all.
Elder Kasteler

Also, Go watch this video por favor.


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