Dear Family,

So I have never, and will never be able to juggle. But this week, I came about as close as I may ever come. We had plenty to do. It is just normal now, so I will stop making mention of the length of our Todo lists.
So now there are Elders in Jaen 2. Or in other words there are 4 missionaries in the ward. They are great Elders and it is awesome to be able to work along side them.
From Friday of last week to about Wednesday of this week, we hardly even had time to study, and things seemed to get a little bit out of hand. But it was great.
So I now have like almost 2 months here in Jaen. And its hot, but I have never ever been sunburnt before here. So I dont wear sunscreen. But this week, I dont know how or when, but my companion and I got fried. I am not in pain I am just very red. So maybe this week I will wear sunscreen.
It is seeming to cool down a tiny tiny bit here in Jaen. Sometimes in the morning it is cloudy and therefore not 90 degrees. It is glorious.
Today we played soccer. Yay.
We are working with many golden families. They have such infinite potential. I love it. They are such good people, with such good intentions, and I see that this Gospel is going to bless them so much.
I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving this week. We sure will. I am thankful for my life in general. Nothing more. Just all of everything. My family. My God. and My Peru. What more does someone need.
Thank you for being good people. I love you all.
Elder Kasteler

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