Sweden + Bagua

Dear Family,
This week was fun. We had a ton going on, places to be, things to see. It was a blast. So today is changes. Yesterday we sent two missionaries who finished their missions home. That is not a fun thing to do.
Today we sent 3 more down to Chiclayo so they can get there new areas, and tomorrow night we will be picking up three 5 new missionaries. Awesome.
This week we worked hard, and were just magically led to some great families. I love finding new families. They are progressing little by little, but things are looking promising.
We got to travel an hour away to a town called Bagua Chica, twice this week. Thursday we went down there to find a room and pension because President is going to put Missionaries there. It is a town that is even hotter than Jaen. What is crazy is 40 degrees in the states is cold, but in celcius, 40 is incredibly hot. In Bagua it gets to 40. Hot. We are going to find several fans for them. But it is so cool to drive by so many mountains and rivers and just see how awesome peru is.
Today we had to move all of the furniture from Jaen 2 (the area of the sisters in our ward) to Bagua. As we went to go get the keys from the sisters, we ran into some neat people. It was a couple from Sweden who have been traveling the world on two motorcycles for 2 and a half years. They have been to well over 20 countries and speak English. They were incredibly nice people. We chatted for a bit, and they told us how wonderful it was to just sell everything and not have things. Life is better without things. They just seemed like such happy people. I was super happy to have been able to talk to them and get a photo.
So now a new change begins with good old Elder Unruh. In this change: Christmas, 2 trips to chiclayo, I hit 17 months, the Sisters from my group go home, and we are going to kill it working. So look forward to all that fun stuff.
Life is golden.
I love you all.
Elder Kasteler
(I wanted to upload our picture with the Swedish Fish, but I couldnt get it. Peruvian Internet.)

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