The Importance of Goals.

Dear Family,

So this week was crazy. We were putting together our numbers yesterday and I had to look at my companion and ask if it was this week that we went to Chiclayo or if it was last. It has been an eternal week. The traveling went well. The zone meeting went well. I spoke words that were definitely not my own. It was incredible. The interviews that we had to plan went well. The stake conference went well. And now we move on to the next week. I love life.
This week we were busy, but we were still able to find many new families here in the area. That is the best part of being in our position. You have so much to juggle, but you still get to see miracles. You still get to offer the gospel. You still get to learn.
Today we played a lot of ping pong and made cookies. They were alright. This next week is looking like it is going to be a great one. And a busy one. And the week before changes. Oh great.
This week, I was astounded by the love that President Williams has for his wife. Seriously, I just want to have what they have. He, in the meeting with zone leaders, spoke wonderfully of his love for her. It was powerful. I want that. But further down the road.
I love that God loves me. I feel it often. And even if President is upset that we dont like to throw out old things, I know that God prepares our lessons. I spoke to the zone on the importance of goals. I used the words of Sir Peter Hayward in speaking of plateaus. God doesnt have plateaus. There are no limits. He has none. It is a marvelous life in which we live. I love it. I love the lessons. I love the experiences. I love the thrill. I love it all. I hope you guys are able to experience the golden joy.
It is a wonderful opportunity to work with this Zone in Jaen. They are grand people.
I love you all dearly. I hope you have an incredible week. Do good work.
Elder Kasteler

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