Sleep Planning

Dear Family,

This week was awesome. We did work. And we had plenty of work placed before us. One thing that I loved about this week, was just staying super busy. We had to buy more furniture, find doctors, call stake and ward leaders from all over Jaen, present plans, make plans, and drop everything to go help some missionaries out. And it was awesome. I just love staying busy. I thrive when I am busy. I also cherish the quiet moments even more. The 5 mintues that I have just to sit still and think. Everyone needs those still moments.
Our bus for Chiclayo leaves in about an hour and half. And then we have six hours ahead of us. Since we buy the tickets, we get to choose our seats. And so this trip, we are going to be traveling in the very first row with a panaromic view in front of us the whole trip. So that should be cool.
This next week is going to also be very very busy. We have lots of meetings and lots of other meetings. Time management is crucial. And procrastination is not a good idea.
Two nights ago, I fell into a trap that I have often fell into on the mission. Sometimes I wake up at night, and instantly I begin to think about what needs to get done. And then I litteraly start sleep planning. I plan very effectively in my sleep. I am so weird.
I hope you all have a splendid week. I look forward to another good one. Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay golden.
Elder Kasteler

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