Hot. Hot. Hot.

Dear Family,

Feeling hot hot hot. So Jaen is officially hot. Temperatures dont exist here, until I logged onto the mission portal and was informed that the high here is 98 degrees this week. And we are just barely beginning hot season here. Oh glory.
This week was great though. We worked like wonderful little hard workers. Really though this week turned out incredible. Some of the best numbers I have gotten in weeks. We are seeing much progress in many of our investigators while at the same time finding new wonderful people, while at the same time juggling the needs of the other missionaries, and the zone money, and furniture, and I am so happy. Life is good.
Today we played Uno and Ping Pong. Classic Pday. What a good time.
The zone is doing well. We have promising goals for this upcoming month that will be great. They will also require chamba. (a word for work in Peruvian). But luckily we have some grand missionaries in the zone. They are young, but they have great potential.
This upcoming week we will be traveling to Chiclayo. We leave next monday morning (so I will be writing a lot earlier) and then get back like 9:30ish Tuesday night. Traveling. What a joy. I actually dont really mind it though. It is kind of calming. It gives me time to think. Something a missionary doesnt really have.
Thank you for all that you guys are doing for me. Your prayers, your love, your good examples. Thank you. Stay golden.
I love you all, even cam.
Elder Kasteler

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