Lots of Traveling.

Dear Family,

So this week we traveled 12 hours, spent about another 12 in meetings, and had a killer time trying to get everything else done. What a joy. This week was actually really cool. We invited to baptism like locos. And as a result, we have a few more baptismal dates. Glory.
This week was actually really awesome though. We had little time to work, but we went to work. We had many contacts. We taught many lessons. And so it was still not a waste of a week. Starting the week, we were considering that it was going to be a pday week. But it actually turned out very well. I am well pleased.
Today we played soccer again. That is nothing new. We have been put in charge of buying all of the furniture that the missionaries dont have and for that reason, we are running around all of Jaen finding where they sell book cases, mattresses, or shower curtains. Where is Ikea when you need it.
This week will be normal. No traveling. No long trainings and meetings. Just pure nitty gritty work. I am very excited to sweat my mind out. Lets get to work.
I hope you all have a splendid week. Things are going well here in Peru. I pray for you all daily. I want the best for you. As does the Lord. Things always work out. Please please please continue reading your scriptures. Make time if there is none. Sacrifice a little to recieve a lot.
I love you all dearly,
Elder Kasteler

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