Dear Family,

So I have been changed. I am now in an area called Jaen. It is six hours outside of Chiclayo in the mountains. It is very hot here. But very beautiful. My new companion is Elder Unruh from Salt Lake. He has 14 months today. He is killer.
So it has taken a whole lot of getting used to this week because I also got a new calling. I am now a Zone Leader… Which means we just run around all week making sure that every missionary has what they need. We also travel a lot to Chiclayo which means I am going to be seated for 6 hours quite often. Woo. But it is super fun to just be so busy that you have no time to think about the fact that Jaen is hot enough that it is physically impossible not to sweat.
The good part is that our chapel has air conditioning. What a giant tender mercy. I am seriously so blessed. The ward here is sweet. It is a strong ward, and I intend to try to make it stronger. There are two companionships here and the other companionship has a Sister Butterfield from Bountiful. So thats crazy. 3 of the 4 missionaries in the ward are from Utah. Woop Woop. Represent.
This week we are going to travel even more than the family will be traveling. We are going to go to Chiclayo on Tuesday and then we get back Thursday. We are going to have a meeting with the whole mission and a Seventy. So that should be awesome.
Things are going great. My health is good. My joy is grand. Things are just going good. I hope those of you that go to Hawaii this week enjoy Hawaii. I hope those who are going to preach this week enjoy preaching, and I hope that those of you who are going to relax this week just enjoy relaxing.
Stay Golden. Loves,
Elder Kasteler

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