Changes. Again.

Dear Family,

So this week was actually a really good week. We have had lots of short and effective lessons. We have rearranged our methods. We have gained much unity in companionship. We were able to watch General Conference in our respective languages. And now we have changes. Rats.
They are going to close Latina. Which is really weird. That they would close a central Chiclayo part, but I would imagine that there is some purpose. This is now the third area that I have closed. ugh. And I dont know where I will be going or with whom I will be going, but we will find out tomorrow.
Fun fact though. Two kids from Bountiful finish their mission and come home tomorrow. And then one kid from Bountiful gets to the mission field tomorrow. So that is cool.
For P day today we made cookies with the investigator with which we had lost contact. They turned out alright. we also went to Paseo Yortuque. Where all those statues are. Woop woop.
So now I get to go back to the room, finish packing (which I am not too big a fan of packing on the mission) and then we get to go say goodbye to everybody. Its life.
I hope you all have a great week. I hope you all enjoyed and continue enjoying conference. You are all wonderful people. Keep up the good work.
Elder Kasteler

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