Tender Mercies.

Dear Family,

This week in the District class, I have no idea why, but I felt that I should talk about Tender Mercies. And it just so happened that I remembered a Seminary class a while back that talked on the very same subject. And my seminary teacher gave me a paper that had a quote on it. And that quote became one of the best district classes I have given. It is awesome how preparing a lesson, you often recieve more benefit than the student. It is awesome.
That being said. This week we kicked things into gear. We have both realized it is time to bump it up a notch. I think every missionary realizes there is always more to give. After all, it is pretty hard to give all your heart, might, mind, and strength. But we are getting better. We are findning new people, knocking new doors. We ever went to a part of the area, which in my three months here, we have hardly touched. The problem with it, is that 8 in 10 doors are stores. And so it is not a super effective area. But we are going to milk it for what we got. The investigators that we currently have are doing well as well. We are going to try to take a new approach to the way we leave them commitments, and the way we teach. There is always something to do better.
Its kind of crazy, the impressions you recieve as a set apart servant. Just sitting there studying, and boom something pops into the mind, and you just know its revelation. Elder Bednar said that you know it is revelation when it blesses the lives of others. So I am so grateful for the tender mercy of recieving divine insight every day. I seek it in every moment.
This week we got back in touch with an old investigator that we havent had contact with in such a long time. He is a grand young man, and it was another tender mercy that we were able to finally make contact with him. And now that we have taught him and are now back in touch, he jokingly has asked that I give him North American candy. ha. He is awesome and a good friend.
Today I made cookies again. I experiment new things every time I make cookies. This time I made them with the Peruvian equivalent of M and M. Which is nothing like M&M. But we make things work. I make cookies everytime there is a baptism in the District. So it is a wonderful thing. And a tender mercy that they actually turned out really good today.
So things are wonderful out here. I am in no rush to make it home. I am enjoying the moment, and learning to be content with what the Lord allows me. Life is one big tender mercy, but I am recognizing many many more in my life everyday. It is a grand blessing. Thank you for all that you all do. I feel your prayers. I return them promptly.
I love you all. Stay Golden.
Elder Kasteler

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