Dear Family,

Being quite frank, this week was a little bit of a lower week. Things just werent really working out for us. I think that sentence is probably what was wrong. We probably focused to much on us, and not enough on them. Thank you for helping me realize that.
The work is going on regardless, we are working hard with two young ones to help them finish the Book of Mormon so that they can be baptized. They will be baptized soon.
My companion is doing great. He is super intelligent and super curious. Lots of questions. But he is anxious to learn lots so I dont really blame him. But he is wonderful.
The district leader job thing is sort of fun. This week was a jumble of fun surprises. The Elders in the ward next to ours had a baptism. And President Williams was going to come to the baptism. It was going to start at 4. I get a call at 3:55 asking if I had any extra sets of baptismal clothing laying around. So… I ran to the chapel with what I had, and there was President. Lets just say I learned my lesson. District leaders should quadruple check if they have the baptismal clothing. Also, President closed a nearby area and moved the elders into the district. Well the Zone Leaders were in charge of finding a room and pension in less than 24 hours, so they called me, and we went to go help them out. So that was fun. What a joy life is.
The mission flies by super fast. I was like it was yesterday that I found myself in the Salt Lake airport, completely and mindbogglingly unaware of what was about to happen. Oh what a ride it is and will be.
This week, while we were leaving a lesson, I recieved a half revelation. It was actually not revelation in any form, but I thought to myself, there is a new type of chocolate that I want to try. We went to the nearest store, which happens to be member owned, and asked if they had Nocaut (pronounced knockout). They did. And it was only 1 sole. So I was just like ya. Then my mind was blown. It is exactly like a snickers. But snickers here cost 4 soles. Sufficient to say, that in this week, I think we have probably between my companion and I, consumed somewhere near 20… They are just so darn good.
Also today, we made cookies. Just for fun. Also to celebrate the baptism in the district. Woop.
So I am doing well. I hope that you are all doing well as well. Sometimes you have to pass through some lower points to really enjoy the high ones. Straight up, that is a lesson that Stacedog taught me. She is incredible.  This week is going to be a nocaut.
Have a great week every one of you. I love you all. You are all golden.
Elder Kasteler

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