Where’s Waldo?

Dear Family,

So this week was alright. For the first time here in Latina. I fell ill. What a shame. I am pretty sure it was something that we ate, but my companion was left untouched. I was going to the bathroom instantly even for drinking water. So we lost a day or two for that. But it was really cool. The Thursday that I could not stay out of the bathroom longer than 15 minutes, all the appointments called and canceled, leaving me enough time to rest and take it easy. If I didnt have that rest, I would still be sick. So it was some divine intervention. What a miracle.
Things are going well with my hijito. He is very young. He is like a little baby. He is very intelligent though, and I am not really having to teach him much, because he already knows a lot. He does like to ask questions though. Sometimes a little too much, and about things that are a little irrelevent. But things are going well. We can speak english every now and then and he understands me. That is pretty cool.
Peru is awesome. And beautiful. It has a lot of garbage, but the sky and the sun and the clouds are astounding at times. What a wonderful world.
Today we played soccer again. I am peruvian. And being that we just sent all of my athletic clothes to be washed, I was left with a pair of shorts, and my red and white shirt, and my red and white socks. So my zone leaders asked me, Wheres waldo. Haha oh what a joy.
I am loving the mission. These next 10 months are going to be killer. I had some realization and revelation this week, that I can do lots of things a whole lot better. I have been thinking a lot about the words of Grandpa Anderson. When its time to work, work hard. When its time to study, study hard. And when its time to sleep, sleep well. I love these words.
I know you are all doing well. I feel that all is well. You all seem so very happy in the pictures Mom sent, and I would not have it any other way.
Thank you for everything. You are all golden. Disfrutan su semana.
Les amo,
Elder Kasteler

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