Mango Tampico

Dear Family,

This week was good. We worked hard, and walked a lot. The weather here in Chiclayo could not be more perfect for me. For my companion, he is dying of cold. Colombians.
As was expected my fast talking friend has changes. Which means that tomorrow I will be picking up my new buddy. What we he be like? I have no idea. But I go forward anyway. I know things are going to work out. Especially because I just feel at peace right now.
One of our baptismal dates decided to take a job in Talara, 5 hours away from here. So there goes that baptism. But I was completely at peace during the lesson when she told us that. I knew she was going to be baptized, just not by me. She is golden. Really. I know she is going to do great things in Talara, and it was just my calling to place a little seed. But what a blessing to have been able to do just that.
The two little ones that are getting ready for baptism are reading the book of mormon to be able to be baptized. New mission rule. They are moving along quite well.
The work is awesome. I love every bit of mission life. Waking up at 6:25am is not a burden for me, even with an unknown day ahead with tons and tons of work to do. I just do it. And it all works out.
Recently, I have been buying a lot of a drink called Mango Tampico. Tampico is a commonality of many missionaries, and the new flavor of mango is super good. I enjoy it very much. And it only costs 1 sol cold. Life is wonderful.
Today we made cookies, they turned out fairly good. Then we went to an outdoor musuem called Paseo Yortuque. It is super cool. It is this park with a whole bunch of statues that tell the history of Peru. I love peru.
Next week will be great. I hope you all have a great week too. I hope that school treats you well. Work hard, pray hard. Keep your chin up. I love you all a whole bunch. Stay golden.
Elder Kasteler

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