Dear Family,

I have to be honest with you guys, this week was incredible. Absolutely wonderful. Let me tell you why…
We have 4 progressing investigators. We have been working very hard with these four choice children. They are in reality, some of my favorite people. Two of them are named Pamela and Medally. The both of them of young ones who have grand desires to be baptized. President has told us that they have to read the Book of Mormon to be baptized. So the both of them are reading. This is again where I want to testify of miracles. They are so real. The two of them are reading to read, but this week something clicked. The angels helped out extra hard. And they understood everything. Everything. That King Noah was bad, and was burned the same way he burnt Adinadi. They explained it all to us, not us to them. I dont know how something work, and I definitely cant tell you how God works. But I can tell you with all my heart, He listens, He knows. He works the miracles, and we are left amazed.
Our other two investigators are a little bit older. As in 20 and 27. Wonderful people. Both of them come from families that are very catholic. As in, they will be kicked out of the family if their parents even hear word of Mormons in the household. Do you know what it feels like to be face to face with someone who has a real desire to be baptized. Who tells you every one of their desires, and how they want to place a date for baptism, and how they want to be members of the church and how they really just want to accept Jesus Christ, but they are stopped. When they tell you all the reasons why they cant be baptized, and all the consequences that could come from Baptism, leaving the ordindary person astounded, defeated, and tossed aside. Do you know what the spirt can do. I am only 19 years old. I have never been to college. I have never studied Spanish officially. I have never taken a psycology class. But do you know the power of the spirit. had no idea what to say, but He did, so I listened. And things worked out incredibly well. She came to church, after telling us it would be impossible. The members accepted her like she was their family. And I dont know if things are for sure going to work out. But I know that for Him, it is all possible.
This week was glorious. Tuesday and Wednesday I was on cloud 9. Thursday and Friday turned out to be ordinary. And then came Saturday.
My companion said he wanted to talk with President about a health problem, so I said okay. Next thing we knew, we were on our way to President Williams apartment, to meet with him to chat. We climbed to the seventh floor, knocked the door, and then he let us in. He showed my companion into his office, and then showed me into the kitchen. He had a bowl of cereal waiting for me. Showed me the milk, and then said he would be right back with me. Not any longer than 5 minutes later, the both of them were in the kitchen with me. Things are all good. It is just this cold weather is effecting my companion a little negatively. Nothing is for sure, but I have a feeling President might move Elder Montoya to a hotter climate. And for his benefit, I hope he does, the poor thing is suffering even with two thick blankets.
The weather here is perfect. Cloudy and not that hot. At night is does get a little cold, but I am from Utah. Cold is my game. I am loving it.
As for the room, there still is not one. But President taught me a valuable lesson. We told him we have looked, and looked, and he simply said, maybe we are not praying enough, myself included. So we are going to continue to search.
This week will be great. I sure hope that is the case.
I have thought a lot about you guys this week. About our time in Hawaii. About the road trip with the brothern. About all of it. I pray for you guys all the time. When I get to my bed at night, I am drop dead exhausted. I am too tired to say a lengthy prayer sometimes, and sometimes I feel the need to just ask that He will bless my family and friends. You mean a lot to me. Every one of you.
I hope you have an awesome week. Keep your chin up. Look for the good. And I promise you, you will find.
Love you dearly,
Elder Kasteler

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