No New Room…

Dear Family,

So this week was actually pretty good. We are working with tons of jovenes, (youth) to try to get them to be either active or baptized. They are usually around the ages of 18-21 so its like talking with our own generation. So that is cool.
We are working a ton with returned missionaries this week. They are telling us all the ways we can improve and I love it. They are such a good help. My companion is not really loving all the advice though. I didnt either when I was starting out the mission. But now I thrive on advice from them. So this week we will continue doing so.
Nothing happend on the 28th. Nothing. Peru is such a let down. But I wore my Peruvian Flag tie. So that was exciting.
We were pumped to move into our new room on Thursday. We spent all night Wednesday and Thursday Morning getting things packed up, and then we called the new owner to confirm everything. She told us that there were going to live to single younger females. That doesnt fly in the mission. The zone leaders gave us the new instructions to start looking again. And all of our things remain packed up…
This week I had cow intestines as well as cow utter. They tasted alright. But I dont know if I fell in love with the idea of knowing exactly what I was eating.
Things are all good. I was reading a talk this morning by Elder Micheal Ringwood of the Seventy. It is called “Truly Good and Without Guile”. It is a very good talk, one that was exactly what I needed to hear. It gave me a new perspective and a new vision of what I can do better. I really enjoyed it. I want to be better.
I hope you all have a great week. Do great things. Love one another.
Elder Kasteler

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