Dear Family,

Lots happened this week. We did lots of contacts. We had lots of members come visiting with us. We had a few lessons. We may have found a room. We had interviews with President and Sister Williams. I found out that President Williams likes Symphony chocolate and White chocolate. What. The maybe room doesnt have a sink, so maybe not. President told me to put in a sink, so maybe. The owner doesnt like our contract, so maybe no. The Zone Leaders, who are not lawyers, made some modifications (thanks to mr Paige and his Business Law class), and so maybe. We will see soon. But lots happened this week.
I am tired. And my mind is scattered. President helped me to know what my companion doesnt like about me, so now I can be better. I feel like President might be happy with me. My companion still talks faster than Buzz Lightyear. And I am holding on strong. Things are going great. We are working. And getting things done. The two of which are very important.
This week is Peruvian Indepedence Day. There are flags everywhere. Someone told me, but I dont know if I believe it, that if you dont have a flag on your home, they place a fine. I dont know, but it seems like everyone here believes it, because Everyone has flags. It is some amazing. It hit me like a brick in the face this week, that I am in Peru. And I am loving it. Every little bit of it. I love Peru. And I am going to enjoy the 28th.
The work is going alright. We are working with the same people, and little by little things are starting to happen. We will see how things play out.
I am doing well. All is well. I have no idea what will happen this week.
Stay strong. The world is getting confused, and I dont want you guys to follow. Keep me up to date on everything you guys are doing. I want to hear it all. Everything. Even from you Brandon. (Yes I just called you out).
I hope you all have a wonderful week. Dont you forget about me. (Re-read those words as the song says, because that is how they appeared in my mind.) I love you all and pray for you in every circumstance I find myself in. You are so very important to me. Everyone of you.
I love you all.
Elder Kasteler

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