Dear Family,

Here I am. Not where I told you guys last week. There was a little confusion. I am actually in the area known as Latina. It is a large area. There are rich parts, and less than rich parts. My companion is Elder Montoya. He has 3 months. We work well together. Our room is old and expensive. We are currently in the search of a new one. If you guys find one, feel free to let us know. The people here are different from those from Morrope. In reality I miss Morrope. The small town feel. The families there. Here we are downtown Chiclayo. We have to cross a crazy street every day to go to the pension. It is like mini outer new york. But much smaller scale. It is vastly different from middle of no where Morrope or Chepen.
Yes, I hit a year. Enough of that.
This week, as I was rolling into the new area, the assistants called. And as has never been before, I was in charge of the cell phone. So I picked up… they told us that President wanted to put Sister missionaries in our huge area. So ya. They said we needed to look for rooms as soon as possible that the sisters could live in. So we dropped all plans to preach the gopsel and went looking for rooms with a very supportive bishop here. He is great. Then after three days of searching and finally almost figuring everything out. The zone leaders called and told us that the sister that was going to come to the mission and specifically this area, was no longer coming. So all of that, was for nothing. Ha. But we actually found some rooms that we might just see if we can pick one for ourselves.
This week was normal though. Getting to know people. This ward is all young people. Returned missionaries. Perfect. But at the same time, they all just tell stories of their missions. I am trying to live my own mission here. The pension is great. Although it is not yogurt with cereal every day, the food is not bad.
For Pday today we went to Ferreñafe (where I thought I was going) to play soccer. It is a far off town, different than Morrope. I think I will stick with Latina. Even though it is very fast paced city life. I say city life, but it compares nothing to US city life. By the way happy 4th of july this past week.
So ya. Here is a picture of my comp, since you guys still dont know what Elder Bermejo looked like.
Have a great week. Every one of you.
I still pray for you all daily. Even though my prayers have been a little weak recently… I still remember you guys no matter how tired I am.
Continue onward.
Love you,
Elder KastelerIMG_0104[1]

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