Goodbye Morrope.

Dear Family,

So we were doing the usual work in Morrope. Knocking doors. Eating Churros. Placing names on dogs that followed us around (the new one is named Kenny). Bringing people to Jesus Christ. and then… As we were going to sleep. The assitants called. It is never a good thing when the assitants call.
We have changes.
Not only that. But they are emergency changes. And they are closing the area of morrope. So now there will not be missionaries in Morrope. I dont like that. That is now two areas I have closed. They say I am going to a stake in Chiclayo called Latina. My new companion is named Elder Montoya. My companion is going to the other Mission. Wow. As for right now I am still in Morrope, and still have to pack, because we leave tomorrow.
So we have said goodbye to the family here. We have taken Pictures. I had to go to Lambayeque to pick up my Package. So that is in my hands now. Thank you very much, you are the best. And tomorrow we march out. And then on Wednesday, I hit a year. But lets not talk about that.
Morrope has been killer. I have loved it here, without light, without water, all of it. I stress too much about cambios.
Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers. You guys are the best. Thank you for lending me to the Lord. Keep sailing on. Keep writing me. Because even three words brighten up my day.
I love the mission. But I dont love changes. But I do love you all.
Stay golden and we will see what happens.
Elder Kasteler

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