the Temple.

Dear Family,

As far as the work is concerned, this week was average. In all reality average, is actually pretty good. We are getting lots of lessons. Lessons bring people to have faith and to repent. We are teaching lots of wonderful families. They are in grand need of this wonderful gospel, and we are delivering them what they need. The people in Morrope are very simple people. The lessons are not complicated. The Gospel, is not complicated. We teach what we know, and the Spirit does the rest. It is a marvelous miracle. Morrope is a grand place. I love it here. Even though, without fail, the light has gone out, every single night this past week. At least we have water. You get what you get.
Yesterday, I got to participate in the dedication of the Trujillo temple. How cool of an experience that was. It was another one of those via satelite things. But what a wonderful feeling I had walking out of that chapel. I felt uplifted. And I felt Loved. And I felt such a joy everytime I looked into someone elses eyes. I want to go to the temple so bad. But I have to wait. At least a year. One day. The feeling that comes from the temple is magical. That is really the only word I can think of to describe it. It was golden.
Today for Pday we did nothing. Usual.
Things are good though. My health is great. The weather is amazing. Cloudy and windy. Everyone here says they are dying of cold, I am astounded. This weather in Utah would be glorious. The food is great. We have very light dinners, as in a pack of oreos and a drink, so I am not getting too fat. The family here is incredible. The branch president and his family are the bomb. I love them dearly.
I love Peru. I love the mission. I love the Gospel.
In the chapel/temple I was extremely grateful for our eternal family. And now many others will feel that same gratitude. What a blessing. Go to the Temple. Just go. You guys literally have it within seconds. Have pictures of the temple in your homes. Hunter and Hadley should already have the goal to go there one day.
I hope you all have a productive week. Read the scriptures. Read the Ensigns. Help someone out.
I love you all dearly. Even Jackson.
sail on.
Elder Kasteler

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