Morrope. Morrope. Morrope.

Dear Family,

Things are still moving along in Morrope. This week we had a bundle of lessons with new children of God. I dont know what it was before, but I think that everyone was afraid of two white people, and therefore did not let us into their homes, because now, we are getting let in more often. But it is always the same people. “we dont want to join your church, but it is always good to listen to the word of God.” every single one of them. So we dont know what progress we will see, but time will tell.
My churro consumption has gone down. I was popping churros daily before, but now, I am getting fat, and therefore have chilled out. Also they are just not the same anymore, because half the fun was seeing Jarmans face as he ate a churro. Ha.
The lights going out is now a normal thing. It is not normal if the lights dont go out. They go out every night almost. Some nights we get lucky, and have light, but others nope. You get what you get and you dont throw a fit.
Things are starting to mellow out with Elder Bernie. We are getting to know each other a little more. He likes to tell stories that have no point whatsoever. I just listen. We have kind of slumped on the contacts. Darn diggity. But poco a poco we move forward. And things work out.
For Pday today we finally got permission to go down to Lambayeque. Party harty. We got together with the district Elders, and all ate pollo a la brasa. One of my favorites. My comp had to take out money, but we werent able to. Rats. And that was pretty much our whole day. Then we found the familiar sound. The vans that pass by to go to morrope always yell out the window “Morrope, morrope, morrope, morrope” and then we have to wave our finger at them, then they fly over to us, quickly tell us to “sube” and then haul away. Peru. I love it dearly.
Things are going well. Better. I hope all of yall hada great week as well. To Brandon and Pete and Dad and someday Tyson, Happy Fathers Day next week. I get to participate in the Trujillo Temple dedication (by broadcast at least) next week, so while you guys are in Sacrament meeting, I will be in a temple dedication in Lambayeque. How neat.
Have a good week. I love you all dearly.
Elder Kasteler

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