Dear Family,

This week was alright. The work is moving along. We did lots of contacts and recieved some references. We got into a few new homes. We had a few members proselyte with us. All is well in Morrope. We went 4 nights in a row without lights. But on the bright (that wasnt intended I promise) side the weather has been fairly pleasent and cool.
Demonstrating the area to a new companion is never enjoyable. I felt like he was thinking the whole time. Wow this kid knows nothing. My mind was playing games. My system started to hit the reset button. I got a pretty ill fever, that made all my body ache. Nonetheless the work goes on. So I went out, very very slowly, and we worked. My spanish fuse in my brain is blown. I can no longer speak any spanish. At all. Everything is very incorrect. I cant talk.
Elder Jarman, went to Chiclayo. He is finishing the training of someone else. He was such a chill companion. He recognized that the mission needs to be fun and enjoyable, and for that reason we always took pictures, videos, and always just sat down to enjoy the clouds and a churro. I dont see that anywhere in the near future. Oh whale.
Now things are starting to get better. I am getting a little more confident in the language. I am starting to get to know my companion. I am reading your letters more often. Things are looking up.
Stay on the path. All of you. Summer is just beginning so dont waste your time. Be productive and always look for ways to serve and have fun. keep doing what you guys do best. I pray for your success. Write me often. I need your letters. So email me.
Have a great week. I love you all.
Elder Kasteler

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