Dear Family (and family of my companions),

This week was alright. We dropped in contacts. But President Williams, being the great person he is, sent me an email last week, that brought me great enthusiasm, in regard to how many numbers we report. So with that in mind, this week was actually pretty good. We had lots of lessons. We knocked a few doors. And my companion has changes.
Ya… Elder JarJar (I actually have never called him that) is leaving Morrope. I am bummed. As is he. And now we both begin to stress about who our new companions are, and where Elder Jarman is going. Will my companion be white, latino, short, tall, mean, boring, trunky. I am a little concerned.
As for the status of the work, if it were a hamburger (like the ones we ate today) it would be medium rare. We did lots of walking around this week. The people are always so busy. We put a new key indicator between the two of us, how many failed attempts were made. Or in other words, how many times we tried to visit someone and were not able to teach a lesson. 55 times. That is an impressive number. But hey, what can you do. We just kept wearing down our shoes and the Lord led us to at least one house every day. So we still are loved.
Today I hit 11 months away from home. That is wow.  So much has happened. And so much will happen. Onward brethern, we have but little time.
I still enjoy a Zinger or HoHo every day or two from the package. The whole district was insanely jealous of my wonderful family photo book, and my small talk book. I have the best family.
And I really do. You guys are the best. I love you dearly. I will let you know what happens next week.
Elder Kasteler

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