Dear Family,

This week was normal. I turned 19 though. So that is neat. I feel no different.
The week leading up to my birthday was alright. We were doing better than last week. Our numbers were looking a little better. But it passed by very quickly.
Then the big day. The night before, I took out a lot of the decorations, and decorated above my bed. How wonderful. Then I laid my little head to rest. I woke up and immediately recieved revelation. I have 19 years on this earth now. That is 19 years outside the presence of my Heavenly Father. He must miss me very much. I sure do miss Him. He loves me though, I can feel it daily.
I showered in a hot shower. Glorious. Then we studied. I opened a few gifts and read a few letters. Peter, Britt, Kenzie, and Grandparents K. Your letters are golden. I opened the pillow case. I dont even want to sleep on it because it is too beautiful. I think that is easily one of the best things I have ever recieved. Then we left to knock doors. We knocked 23 of them. And no one let us in.
Then we had Aji de Gallina for lunch. My favorite peruvian dish. We came back and then we chatted about life. Then we went back out to work. We got let into two homes. That is a super dry day. I also got really sunburnt because we walked around all day. I am beginning to feel old. My back was pretty achy. Then at 8 we went and bought Pollo a la Brasa my other favorite dish, with ice cold coke and a white chocolate bar, then we went home. We ate a zinger and a hoho for cake, lit candles, and then opened up the other cards and presents. Then I fell asleep reading cards. And that was the day I turned 19.
Fun right? I absolutely loved it. There is no where. Not Hawaii. Not the Moon, Not anywhere that I would have rather have been. I love it here. I love Peru. I love the mission. I love this work. We are doing a good work, and we will not come down.
So now, being 19 we went to church in Lambayeque for Stake Conference. Then we worked hard to reach the goals. We have not, not met our goals in 9 weeks. Well we have lacked in one or two of them, but for the majority of the time, we have been going hard. Still nothing crazy in the work. No one has a baptismal date. No one wants to come to church except the missionaries. So yep. Morrope. I am in love.
Today for Pday we literally toured an old house. That was it. It was actually really cool though. It was built in 1787. Old. It has the biggest balcony in Northern Peru. Then we had hamburgers, and then headed back to Morrope. We started to write but then the power went out. So we went back upstairs, we write right below our room in the same building. Then as we walked in the door, the power came back, so we ran back downstairs. And now here we are.
This week is the last week of changes. There are a lot of possible outcomes. I get changed. My comp gets changed. Morrope gets shut down. No body knows. We probably are just going to stay the same for one more change. That is the most likely.
I hope you all have a fantastic week. Try not to change my room too much while I am gone. I am praying for all of you daily. So live worthy of my (and His) help.
I love you all.
Stay golden.
Elder Kasteler

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