Dear Family.

Contradicting the subject of this email. Our week was bad. We just felt bad about it. Three nights we could not do anything because there was absolutely no power. Three nights in a row. And every other day, we got very little done. So we felt pretty bummed. Nonetheless our numbers were not horrible, but they were not good. No one likes us here. We knock so many doors, and most people just use the typical excuse. Other day. And then they never see us again. Fun stuff. Morrope makes some delicious Churros though.
We are not seeing too much progress here, but I am sure the way the Lord sees it we are making leaps and bounds. He sees what we dont.
Elder Jarman and I are jokesters. We laugh daily. His mom asked him when the last time he and his companion laughed was, and we responded with just recently. He is excessively sarcastic, and so we get into little fake fights in the street all the time. We are goofy. But he is chill. I am pretty sure his Mom reads the Blog so, Hola Hermana. Su hijito es muy bueno. (I actually dont know if she speaks spanish)
In this week I turn 19. I am so old. I dont want to grow up. I am just fine being young.
Today being day of preparation (nobody calls it that) we headed down to good old Lambayeque. Today was special. There is a museum down there that is world known (or so they say).  One of dads patients goes there every year I am pretty sure. It contains a whole lot of gold.  Like almost everything is Gold. Well today being International Museum Day, entrance was free. So President gave us the green flag, and we went. It was very cool. And we got some cool photos outside. Then we went to Mis Algorobos, the fancy restaraunt and then headed back to Morrope. Woop.
I am doing great. My health is great. I have your package in my hands. I dont know if I should open it yet. But I am doing great. I love everything.
I also love you all,
Have a golden week.
Elder Kasteler

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