Just another update.

Dear Family,

Things are going well. It was great to talk with all of you this week. Especially Jackson. Even though I couldnt see your face, I was pleased to hear your words. You all seem to be happy and healthy. That brings me joy. So please keep it up. What I got from our little chat, is that you want me to send more pictures. I will try to not let you down. And also, I need to inform you guys more on the daily grind. So I will try better on that too.
This week was very normal. We had a Zone meeting on Thursday, where I got a cake for my birthday. Woop. The rest of the days we just labored away. We go out every morning and just do contacting. We knock doors. Of the probably 75 doors we knock, about 15-20 open, and about none of them let us in. So it is alright. We just make do with what we have. Then in the afternoon we usually have appointments scheduled. There are some days where we are on fire, and have tons of visits, others when not so much. But what happens is what was supposed to happen. So we take what we get.
This week has been really cool though. Really miraculous actually. For literally the past 5 days, we have been laboring diligently, and now we are seeing the fruits. Every night we saw a miracle. A real life miracle. We found a family that was of the Gold variety. We found an 18 year old (which is the youngest we can baptize someone, so that was lucky) who wants to find the true church. We found a jewler who told us that he does not like the Jehovahs Witnesses. Miracles left and right. I have been in Morrope one change now (six weeks) and just now am I beginning to see the hand of the Lord do some really miraculous wonders. We have just been doing really well recently. Extremely Blessed.
The weather here is getting nice. It is getting somewhat cool at night. The wind is coastal and so it gets cool, but no where near cold. I love it. Also there are other days where the sun it does shine, and my skin it does burn.
This next week is going to be great. Because Life is just great.
I love you all,
Elder Kasteler

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