You are loved.

Dear family,

Nothing too new in the neighborhood. We got water back. That was cool. When I get home I have a video to show you guys commemorating the moment. Our shower is the second nicest in the mission, after presidents, and so I took an American shower on Saturday when the water came back. We have two knobs. One that is just hot water. What up.
As for the work, Morrope is doing alright. We contacted, and were subsequently rejected by so so so many people from a church called the Nazareno. One of them tore up our card and then walked by throwing the peices on the ground. We picked it up and taped in back together, and then prayed for their salvation. Their knees will bow, and their tongues will confess, we are right.
Things are super chill with Elder Jarman. He is a killer California kid. We joke around all the time. We laugh all the time. Things are so very enjoyable with him. Plus I am taking more pictures now, because he has influenced me to do so. We also have been listening to a bunch of Josh Groban songs. One of my favorites is You are Loved. It is uplifting.
I am going to hit 10 months away from home this week. Also shout out to Spencer Elder St. John for cumpliendo años. Your birthday brought about our water. Thank you.
I love you my dear friends. You raise me up, so I can climb sand mountains. Keep up the good work. You guys are the bomb.
Elder Kasteler

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