No hay.

Dear Family,

You and your companion are contacting. You both smell horrible, because there hasnt been water for 3 weeks. You just got pushed away from a door by an exteremly drunk man. Sand fills your shoes, because real roads are too realistic. You approach a door, gain the courage necessary to knock it, and then from inside you hear the soft yell, no hay nadies. (no one is here, but in horrible Peruvian spanish). That is right. Peruvians litteraly with their own voice, within their own homes, tell us that no body is home. I love peru.
No hay. There is no water. There is not relief from this heat. There is no clean clothes. There are only 6 people when you start sacrament meeting. There are no cold drinks. no hay. no hay. no hay.
But in reality, there is a lot. We have a ton of blessings daily, most that go unrecognized. We got two fans this week, something uncommon in a small missionary room. We had some great lessons with some great people. We celebrated my companions 20th birthday. We did work this week. It was awesome. And we did it all, without water. That is skill.
We had interviews with President Williams this week. Something I always look forward to. We took a 45 minute drive with 15 other people who all refused to even crack open a single window in the cramped van, to the mission office. I had not a single clean long sleeve shirt left, so I was rocking short sleeve with a suit. We got there, and had our interviews, but then, I was reminded Miracles are real.
President invited us to his house. To take a shower. I was. speechless. He felt bad that we hadnt had water for so long, that he wanted us to take a shower, in the nicest room that Chiclayo has. So we got in his air conditioned car, and rode to his house, where he directed us both to our own heated shower with soap and a towel and then said that after we were done to come have a bowel of cereal. I got teary eyed. And then I got clean. What a miracle.
Life is good. All is well. Things are great. I love life in the mission. Even though the waters are sometimes none existant, we had smooth sailing this week.
I love you all and hope you all have killer weeks. Keep on keeping on.
Elder Kasteler

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