Water is important.

Dear Family,

This week was wonderful. We contacted mucho. We had a few lessons. Not too many, but the Lord was gracious, we had a few. My compy got sick Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so those days went for the zeros. And so this week was actually pretty swell. Things werent prime, but they all worked out.
Morrope has potential. It is not quite there yet. There are 43 members technically. But about half of them live in a far off area, which we are not allowed to visit. So we pretty much are trying to baptize all of Morrope.
The hard part is, you cant baptize anyone, if there is no water. All of Morrope is without water. The entire town. The town wide water pump just broke. And now we are hearing that it may be 2 months before we get running water back, I find that highly Peruvian type rumors. I have been praying sufficeintly, we will get it back sometime this week. But I havent showered for a time and a half. Our toilet has the cleanliness of the bountiful dump after ten earthquakes and nine tornadoes. And our clothes cant be washed because you need water to wash them. So life is glorious.
The good part, which in reality there is a lot of good parts, but we were able to watch conference. IN English. Glory. It was a great conference. Granted that President Monson only spoke twice, it was very inspirational. I enjoyed it thoruoghly. And even better. Our dear friend Elder Holland literally word for word answered a question about Adam and Eve that I have had for quite some time. Isnt that soo cool. I feel so great. I wasnt even praying that hard for an answer. But it came. Blessed.
So ya things are going along. The work is going great. We have some investigators, and we are starting to figure things out. We work very closely with the leaders of the branch (they give us food three times a day and wash our clothes) and we have grand plans for this wonderful place. As Elder Jarman says, we are going to plant a whole bunch of seeds, and some future elders will do some serious harvesting. I have great hopes that it will be so.
Continue being awesome. You guys are litterally all so incredible. I pray for you often. You guys bring me joy. I love you all so very much. Your Easter pictures of the family, I fell in love. Thank you. Thank you so very much. Stay amazing.
I love you all.
Love one another.
Elder Kasteler

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