Hey, remember Chepen?

Dear Family,

Remember Chepen. The awesomely hot, yet crazy awesome area in which I waspreviously in. The one with the cool room. The one with great people, nice and friendly and receptive. Ya, I got kicked out of there this week. President said that there can only be 4 and not 6 missionaries there, so he took me and Elder Thompson out of there. Whats up with that? But, God knows what He is doing.
Now I am in Morrope. A middle of the savannah, pueblito, town with very little people, and even less members (or even people who know) of the church. Basically the whole thing is run by one family. The branch president, pensionista, laundry, everything family. My companion, Elder Jarman, has 2 weeks here. Basically we are opening a new area. The both of us dont really know whats going on.
But we go onward. Things are the way they are for a reason.
But the world doesnt revolve around me. Easter and Conference are coming up this week. Enjoy them. Do you even comprehend that the Son of God came here, died, and then was brought back to life. Can you believe He lives today. It is incredible. It is true. I know He lives. Remember Him this Easter. Conference is coming up. It is a grand hope of mine that you can all listen to a prophet. Apply what he is going to teach us. It will help you. I promise. He has something for every single one of you.
Sail on. Life is golden. Live it up.
I love you all. Do work.
Elder Kasteler
Also. Go to this video. Incredible.


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