Dear Family,

Another week in the grand country of Peru. We got advised of the changes yesterday. I got nothing. 6 more weeks in Chepen.
Things went well this week. We had a plentiful amount of lessons. Lessons with Adventists, lessons with Pentecostals, lessons with Testigos, lessons with all sorts of people. All sorts of wonderful Children of Heavenly Father. All of them with a pluthera of questions, doubts, complaints, misinterpreations, and so forth. The Life of a missionary though. You just teach until you can no longer teach no more. It is the way that things work. And it works.
I was talking with Elder Thompson about mission life, and he said, and I agree, that mission life is literally just walking around talking to everyone, being let in to homes, and teaching about Christ. It is such a grand priveldge. I love it so very much.
We have spoken English a lot to a bunch of people here, It is really weird because my English ability is quickly disappearing, and I am just naturally revert to Spanish. ha. So weird.
Things are going well. I am doing well. Life goes on. I want you guys to know how proud I am of all of you. I hear about your lifes and I just get happy. I know you are doing good things. I know the Lord wants these things for you. And you are just having a good time. Living the life. Keep it up. And keep me informed. Because I love hearing how you are doing. Always continue faithfully.
I love you all. I pray for you daily.
Stay Golden.
Elder Kasteler

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