Dear Family, (at this point, you are all considered family)

Hows it going? I sure hope that you are all well. I do surely hope you are enjoying your temperate weather and your daily routines.
I am doing very well down here in the grand country of Peru. I have been so very blessed to have some cloudy days here that took the temperature down from 100 degrees to 85 degrees. How blessed. Really though it has been nice. My toe is doing much better. I can now shower with it, and walking is completely back to normal. The only thing that hurts is going down rocky hills. But other than that. I am good as gold.
This week has been fairly successful. We had a Baptism this week. Yay. It was really cool to see two daughters of God enter the fold. Their smiles after coming up from the water were literally day making. Everything went by so perfectly. The spirit was very strong. I have no doubts that these two wonderful daughters will do incredible things in this Kingdom. Really though they are too golden. I have been and will be so blessed to continue to work with them.
​The next goal with them is the Temple. And they are oh so ready to work their way to it. I am so happy that I can help them out.
As for the rest of the week it has been miraculously normal. Nothing too impressive, but in all reality wonderfuly awesome. We have contacted a lot of people and had some pretty good lessons. We are trying to figure out where to go next. After a baptism it is just like starting from ground zero to go find a new one or really focus on the next one. I hope that you understood that not in a negative way, but really it is how missionary work is.
I have been passing through a little bit of a somewhat slump this week. It is really ironic that after bringing two people into the Kingdom of God you still just feel eh. But I do. And I dont know why. I still feel like I got way too much to improve on. Way to much to get good so that I can get better. And the heat is not speeding up the process.
But what I can say is just please keep doing what you are all doing. Write me if you want. Send me a letter. I love hearing from you guys. Complain to me. Make me laugh. Make me cry. I dont care but nothing helps more than just hearing that all of you are doing well. Every single one of you guys. I have no doubts that God wants the best for you all. He really does. So that is why he sent me here, to bring you the blessings he wants you to have. It is incredible. All of it. Pray for me. God answers prayers. That is another thing I have great need to improve, but with time, I feel as though it will begin to click.
Stay on the path. Stay golden. Stay happy.
I love you all so much. Because you are all my favorites.
keep it up.
Elder Kasteler

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