Remember when I had my toenail?

Hey Amigos Eternos,

I sure do pray that your week was awesome. For us here in Chepen the week flew by faster than the rate at which Hunter and Hadley are growing up. Seriously Elder Thompson testified that this was the fastest week he has ever had in his entire life. Ever. So that was fast.
Here is what happened.
Firstly, we are preparing Silvia and her daughter to be baptized. We put the date March 14th for their baptism. They were not satisfied with that because if God wanted to kill them earlier they would not be ready, without baptism. So now they are getting baptized this Saturday. They are progressing even faster than this week went by. It is unreal. She is glorious. God is pleased with her.
Second, we are teaching Jeff Anderson. A single man, with less than a plentiful amount of hair, and two sons. His real name is Victor. He is awesome. He has had some crazy experiences with God and loves telling them to us. The only problem is he is only available at night, and so we are usually very close to coming home after when we should be. But we have made it home before 9:30pm. So it is all good. But he is doing well. And we are thinking about putting a baptisimal date with him. Congratulations jeff.

Third. The reason I no longer have a toenail. or at least half of my toenail. So my toe has been hurting a tiny bit these past few weeks but this week it hurt pretty darn bad. So we went to this Doctor. He wanted to look at the toe so I said sure. Then before I knew it, he had all the tools out ready to take out the nail. He was such a cool guy though. So I said sure. and for 20 dollars, we got my nail numbed up, cut in half, and then pulled out. So now I know how Kenz and Dad have felt. But really I am healing very rapidly and am walking normally now. Only every now and then does it hurt. But not horribly.
All things are just wonderful here though. The mission is just something else. It is too wonderful for words. The Gospel is just something else. Too wonderful for words. I know it is true. Trust me. It is so true. Every little part.
I pray for you all so often. I know the Lord will bless you. He is blessing all of us. because he loves us all. Study hard. Love others.
I love you all. Pray on. Keep on keeping on.
Elder Kasteler

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