Day of Love and Friendship

Dear Friends and Family,

I dont know why, but names are always longer in Spanish. Why cant they just call it valentines day?
But I hope you all enjoyed it greatly. I sure did. Elder Thompson and I wanted to buy our Pensionista a flower, so we ran around town desperately, as most men do on Valentines day, and bought some flowers. It all worked out so very well. She was very happy.
As for the rest of the week. It was very good. We talked with a ton of people, including one guy that reminds me a ton of Uncle Jeff and speaks English. We are now teaching him and his kid. Golden. Life is just golden. The mission is awesome. My health is doing much better thanks to all of your prayers. Thanks guys. You all very nice and such.
Today for Pday we went to the Peruvian equivalent of Target (but oh such lower quality) and bought choco chip cookie ingredients to make for a Family Night we are going to do tonight. They turned out very good. Shout out to Mike and his incredibly delicious recipe. The People of Peru are recieving the Gospel through your cookies. So thank you.
Elder Thompson and I are doing so great. We are getting better at Spanish, but my Spanglish is getting bad. Because we talk in half half sentences. Vamos a the church to hablar con the bishop sobre los members. Life is hard. Haha not really but our English Spanish is getting un poco bothersome. Like that sentence. But what can ya do about it.
We are gaining so many experiences out here it is unreal. So many weird things but even more miraculous things. I promise you with all my heart that Miracles exist. They are so very real.
I promise you the message that I bring to everyone I see everday, changes lives, because it is all one hundred percent without fail, true. As missionaries we are unbelievably blessed to help so many people change their lives eternally. It is undescribable. I love it.
I love this Gospel. I love Peru. I love you all.
Stay Golden. Do whats right. And God will continue to open the windows of heaven for every single one of you. That is a promise.
Elder Kasteler
(Also a quick hello to Father Thompson. I am taking good care of your son, have no worries. He is awesome.)

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