There is no where else I would rather throw up.

Dear Friends and Family,

First off. I love you all. You are all such wonderful people and I love hearing all of your stories, unless you are like Jackson and dont write me anymore. But the rest of you thank you for your uplifting words of joy.
I get so happy when I hear of the new mission calls. I hope you can all do everything in your power to help get these people into the field. Take them out to lunch. Help them get their things ready. Beg them to ask me for suggestions on what type of towels and socks to bring. Support the troops.
This week has been very normal. Also at the same time extremely different. We went to Chiclayo for a Multi Zone meeting. That was cool. Also two hours in a very hot bus through the Peruvian desert. Perfection. Then we have been having all sorts of other near by meetings. And then in our spare time we go and teach people the Gospel. What joy.
Our golden one is progressing so amazingly well. She asked if she could be baptized two weeks early. We prayed about it and feel we should continue with March 14th. I dont know why. But we do it anyway. She is really so golden though. She reads, she keeps every single one of her compromises, and it is just miraculous. If you would like, prayers in her direction would be appreciated.
Elder Thompson and I have also had some interesting things happen this week. Ha. I have been fairly eh in the past two weeks and this week I have been eating very little and I got progressively more nausea and weak, so we called Sister Williams. She told me that I need to take these two pills. The missionaries have given the name “la bomba” or the bomb, because they are stomach cleansing pills that just wipe out every parasite that has ever lived or possibly will ever live in your body. So ya. I took those. But just before I took them, we went out to visit, to the home of a menos activo. It was good, I felt iffy going in, but it was nothing really new. So we went in and as the lesson went on my stomach got more and more uneasy. Then it reached a pivotal maximum. And then. Like a train full of heavy stuff, it hit me, and I knew in that moment it was my time to leave the room. I ran out into the street, making it just in time, to throw up the little rice I had eaten for lunch. In front of my comp and the less active we were teaching. As well as a bunch of other people. After 3 or 4 minutes I cleaned out my mouth as best I could, and then we went back in and finished the lesson. As if nothing happened. Ha. But now I am feeling a tad bit better, so no worries. Elder Thompson has some form of infection that has formed rashes all over his entire body. It is pretty knarly.
But we go on with our wonderful missionary life. It really is just too good to be true the mission life. There are no words to describe it.
We sweat, we walk, we throw up, and then we sweat a little more. And we do it all with such great love. And in such a great place. I love Peru. There is no where else in the world that I would rather throw up.
I know this Church is true. And I need others to know it too. So I go out. And I talk to everyone. And I make sure everyone knows of the love of Christ. And I feel so happy doing it. I am so very happy in this work. I love it.
And I love all of you. More than you can comprehend. And I mean it.
Stay golden.
Con amor,
Elder Kasteler

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