It is unreal, the reality of Miracles

Dear Family and Wonderful Friends.

I sure do hope you all had an enjoyable week. I sure did.

This Tuesday we had cambios. I went to the meeting with quite a bit of aprehensive feelings. I was nervous. Plus the Elder that I was with for the day was also nervous and had just the night before, told me all of his companionship horror stories. Great. But we went forth no mas. Sat down. President talked with us. Sister Williams talked with us. They are powerful. Then they annoucned.

My new companion is Elder Thompson. He is very young. 19 years old. He has 11 months in the mission. He is from Mesa Arizona. And, he is awesome. He is my first English speaking companion, something that I kind of never wanted so that I could get better at the language, but he speaks amazingly. We are studying together and I am learning much more than I learned, in the field of just learning.

We have been working so hard. I came home exhausted every night. I love it. In Chepen right now there are an insane amount of mosquitos which are here called zancudo. They are horrible. Both of our ankles legs and arms are destroyed but we love it. We are killing it. I am teaching him the area and he is teaching me how to be a killer missionary.

This has been one of the longest weeks of my mission. Also one of the best. It has just felt so very long. But effective. And Miraculous.

First, President just showed up in our area. He wanted to meet with a doctor that lives here. So the assitants called us asking where this street was. Instead of trying to explain it I just told them to come pick us up. It was crazy watching President pull up and tell us to get in. I was in Presidents car. With air conditioning and all. It was awesome. I got to chat with Elder Tommy Lalli from Bountiful for a long time about all sorts of stuff. He is incredible. Elder Thompson had an interview with President just to see how he is doing, and how he likes the new area. I already had mine last week. So ya that was a fun experience.

Second. Miracles are real as can be. Elder Thompson loves to be the kind of missionary that Preach my Gospel wants us to be. So we have been making little changes to our work routine to be better. One part of this, which is too often very uncomfortable, is inviting people to be baptized the first time we meet them. He just said we should do it. So we did. Well now we have an hermana and her daughter who have accepted a baptisimal date for march 14th. (A week later spencer.) It was a miracle. Words cannot describe the joy I felt walking away from that lesson. It was incredible. I felt joy. A real joy. Nothing fake, But everything real. It was incredible.

This week was very good. I loved it. I love my new companion. We get along very very well. We are almost twins, and we have had many people ask us if we are because we are very much alike.

I am doing well. I love the support and letters that I get from you guys weekly. Even the simple words of the rushed missionaries bring great joy to my soul.

I love my mission right now. I hit 7 months away from home yesterday. How insane is that. I could write novels of the experiences that I have had. They are many and they are cherished. Missions are so great.

I love you all to death.

Thank you for everything.

Elder Kasteler


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