My Second Baptism is named Second

Hello Everyone,

I sure do hope you all had a great week. While you guys are experiencing snow and wonderfully cold temperaturas, I am here in glorious Chepen. I am pretty sure I have lost ten pounds in sweat. Daily. I have given up on even trying to care now. All apart of the work.

This week was alright. Our numbers were a Little low. It is really strange. The two weeks that I have felt the lowest about my numbers were the two weeks that we had a baptism. It makes sense right. But this week was rough as we reported our numbers because last week was so killer and this week was so eh. But on the bright side of life.

Segundo was admitted into the Kingdom this Saturday. How wonderful.

The service went well. His son as well as my comp baptized him because he is still a Little weak from his surgery. But it went well. How great it is to be apart of forming this eternal family. Very cool.

Also, we had interviews with President this week. It wasnt so much an interview as it was more a great conversation. He said some great uplifting things to me that I cherish. He is such a grand man. Also his wife is wonderful as well. I always leave smiling after talking with her. I will once again take the hour long bus ride to Chiclayo next Monday beause…

Elder Quiroz goes home next week. How crazy is that. After recieving his misión call in 2011, he is going home. He is very sad. I will be too, when I go home. But we are going to endure to the end.

Apart of sending my comp home means I will begin a new adventure with my new comp. I dont know what to expect. I am sure it will be an adventure. But oh I hope it turns out well. Chepen is kind of slowing down. This baptism was kind of a random out of no where decisión, and so I worry about the progress of this área. It will be hard. But it will be worth it.

This week was alright. I passed through a Little bit of less than perfect health, but all part of the adventure.

Keep doing what your doing, all of you. You contribute immensly to this story of mine. Thank you so much for all you do. You are all so Golden.

Thank you.

I love you all very much.

Elder Kasteler



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