Yogurt con Cereal

Hello my people.

I sure do wish you all had a wonderful week. We are getting settled into a new year. Hunter is older. Tyson is a few days closer to his armpit hair, and the work of the Lord is progressing in this oven called Chepen.

This week was good. Not incredible. Not bad. Just good. Things are starting to normalize with my companion, and he is getting closer and closer to his home. But nonetheless we are working. I felt pretty low about this weeks numbers. They were somewhat last minute contacts and lessons. I felt kind of eh. Then this morning we got a call, from my English speaking Zone Leader, who told us that we were the best numbers in the Zone. Holla. It brought me joy. But oh how much more I can give.

This week we had a “rescate” or rescue. Which means we brought a less active back into activity. Not only did we bring her back to activity in the church, but yesterday she got the final signature on her temple recommend to get endowed. How cool is that. She is the sweetest little lady, who has passed through all sorts of dificulties but is now doing well. And will soon be doing eternally well.

As for our sweet little baptism. This week. Saturday at 7pm. You guys are invited. Segundo Azañero will be baptized this week by his son Steven. We have some preparations to do so I sure do hope it all turns out just swell. Something comforting about him, is that I have the strongest feeling, almost pure knowledge that he will never go inactive. It makes it easier to sleep at night, even amongst this wonderful heat.

So this week was good. 2 more weeks with Quirozcito. He adds cito to everything. Everything. bañito. galletito. gatito. aguito. camisita. It is a struggle and a real patience grower. What lessons the Lord is teaching me.

I am doing very well. I am extremely content. Happy. Golden. Wonderful. Enjoying the mission. Words cant describe how I really feel, so I will just say I am adoring mission life.

Today for Pday we took a moto (The type used in the Rickshaw Race, my friends) to a 30 minutes away through dirt roads and rice plantations, to a mango tree orchard where we made kites. How very unusual was our Pday. How very chill is was though. Not litterally chill, because it was actually very hot. But I made my kite American Style and it flew wonderfully. We ate mango, which is a new addiction of mine, and then took the Moto back home.

Chepen is hot and wonderful. I am sorry if I seem to be complaining, do not at all take it that way. I will never complain about my mission. Ever. Ever. But I will state the facts, saying that it is physically and literally hot here. But I love it. I love my mission. I love it so much.

I am doing grand.

Jackson please write me. I miss you.

I had yogurt with cereal three times this week. My life is amazing.

I love you all. I hope you have the swellest of weeks. I know the Lord will bless you. Keep on Keeping on.

Elder Kasteler


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