Hello Everyone.

I hope you all had a wonderful week. A new year, new blessings waiting to be gained, the Lord has much in store for all of you. For my buddies and I, an entire year, from start to finish, in a far away land, participating in the greatest grandest most amazing unbelievably wonderful astounding astonishing beautiful work of a mission. I am pumped.

This week, or rather the few days since my last letter, have been good. And hot. We have been walking a lot still, and are still doing great things. Elder Quiroz is very on top of things, one trait that I hope to gain very quicky once he is gone in 3 weeks. Crazy. I dont want to think about my life when I have to go home. I wont go. But we did good things. We contacted a little, one thing that I am beginning to get lazy at. We taught our investigators. Normal missionary stuff. Then yesterday in Testimony meeting the wife of one of our investigators, who had a baptismal date, then got apendisits, and so we pushed the date to January 17th, announced that her husband was getting baptized this Saturday. I looked at my companion confused, nonetheless content.

Chepen is a wonderful land of heat. I am very grateful that I brought short sleeve shirts. It only attracts the attention of my very white skin. This week we also gained a lot of drunk attention. So many of them. Come here. Give me a pamphlet. God loves me. I am drinking water, nothing more. Silly drunken people. One day they will listen.

Things are moving along normally. Nothing to complain about. Nothing to brag about. Just normal.

Today for PDay we went to Guadalupe, a town ten minutes away from Chepen that has a small little hill with a virgin on top. Makes sense no. A bunch of mormons climbing a hill to get to a virgin. Ya anyway we got to the top and got some cool pics of the town of  Guadalupe and far off Chepen. The mountain in the background, that has a bunch of sand is Chepen. The town at the base of the mountain is our area. Grandaso. Here is a picture.


I really am doing well. This morning was a little rough, as my stomach is a little eh. But I am doing well. Also I fried in the sun today and now look like a strawberry. Chevire. But in all reality all is well. I am loving it here. The Zone leaders keep joking I am going to train in three weeks. Ha. My companion goes home in three weeks. Madness. I dont know what will happen. Loco.

I sure do hope you all are doing well. If you are in this email, I pray for you often. Know that you have the Lord on your side, because I am doing what I can to bring you blessings. And even so, I am going to try harder. I know that this year is going to be golden. I know it. I cant wait.

i love you all

Elder Kasteler


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