Feliz Año Nuevo

Hola Familia y Amigitos mios,

I sure do hope you all enjoyed your new years celebrations. Here they make scarecrows, fill them with fireworks, and then set them on fire. Peru. But it was cool to celebrate here. They go crazy with everything yellow because they believe it will bring good luck to the coming year. I joined in and bought my 2015 glasses. Fam Tradish.

This week has been hot and long. Once again Pday wasnt on Monday so it felt off. Things are starting to settle in here in Chepen. I am getting to know the branch members a little more, and starting to find the very few things I have in common with Elder Qurioz. He is different. But we are moving along well. We teach a lot and are working on sectorizing the area so we dont end up walking 45 minutes daily. I hope we can make things work.

Our little apendisits patient is recovering slowly, and we are looking for a baptism in the near future. I will fill you in as we recieve such inspiration.

So there went 2014.

And there went 6 Months.

I cannot begin to even wrap my mind around the idea I have been away from home for 6 months today. I remember walking on to that plane, so utterly confused, and I had no idea what was ahead of me. Fast forward 6 months, and I still have no idea whats ahead of me. All I know is 2015 will be one full year of my life that I will be in Peru. Yep. A full year without stepping foot in America. It is madness to try to comprehend what will happen. I really am hoping that all works out. Correction. I have faith, that all will work out. Lots is going to happen. Lots is going to change.

I am doing very well. I am finding many reasons to be happy every day and finding a new type of patience and inner happiness. What a blessing tribluations are.

I love you all, and even though this email was eh. I wish you all the very very best until we write again on Monday.

Take Care,

Elder Kasteler


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