Feliz Navidad

Dearest Family and Friends.

Merry Christmas.

I hope you have all had a wonderful day. Communicating  with your families and what not. I am going to forever remember the one hour I got to talk with my family and the bright smiling, and teary eyed, faces. I hope the rest of you felt the Joy I did. Gozo Eterno.

Things are going well. I was changed to the area of Chepen. There are 6 missionaries in this branch, and the area is so very very large. It is very hot here. My companion is named Elder Quiroz. (I am often forgetting his name) He goes home in 4 weeks. His home is not far away. He lives in Chiclayo because he has health problems. He is 27 years old, but in the words of my english speaking Zone Leader, he acts like an 80 year old man. He is very obedient, almost to the point that I feel nervous far too often that I will make a mistake and he will call president. (He loves to call President). But oh well. 4 semanas no mas.

It was very good to see that all is well back at home. The babies are growing, Tysons voice is lowering, The couples are married (that is a massive rarity here in Peru) and my wonderful parents are still Smiling. I shared with everyone of my brothers and sisters some advice I wanted them to have. But when it came time to talk with my parents, I waited for their advice, their comfort, their love. I knew what they were capable of doing to help me. I didnt have a doubt, and I was most assuredly not let down.

I have thought a lot about two things this Christmas. Two things that have eternal signifcance. My family and My Savior. I dont care if I got the worst news in the world today, I found out today that nothing else matters. I am grateful I have a family that sent a package with presents, (and the family in the branch that bought me Crocs for Christmas, Score) but the most important things were the cards from my family. I read them last night and was reminded that even though I am 4000 miles away. Through the savior, I am not far away at all. Modern Technology is the best, but Eternal Togetherness is much cooler.

Have a wonderful week this week. I will, after being greatly uplifted  by you guys. What a blessing. I love my mission. I love my family. I love my Savior.

Merry Christmas.

It all works out.

I love you

Elder Kasteler


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