Feliz Navidad

Hello a todos,

I am doing well. We are working hard and have found relative success in our labors. The people are very nice in Peru, and the food is very good. So have no fear that I am doing well always. I love the mission and am getting used to things as they are in this wonderful place. I have 4 months in my area so I am getting comfortable. All is going well.

Being that Christmas is considered Pday next week, I will sadly not be able to write you guys next Monday. But we will talk face to face so that is perfect. I am so very happy.

Feliz Navidad.

I want you all to have the best Christmas ever this year. For Me, Spencer, and Cam, it is our first Christmas away from home. What a new experience. What optimism we should have going into it. Forget the tears. We are doing well. Have not the slighest worries. We are in the hands of the Lord. We have candy from our families. We have the family of our Districts. We are closer to the Savior than ever before. Our Christmas is going to be the best. So will yours. Remember the Lord. Do not for the slighest second forget the real and true divine purpose of the 25th of December. (But Christ was really born on April 6th, Thank you Personal Study). Read John 3:16. Our God, Heavenly Father, Padre Celestial, Dios loved the world in an uncomprehensible way, that he sent his Son, the Savior of humanity, to an evil world. He lived. He was born. He suffered. For Douglas, Stacey, Brandon, Jess, Britt, Pete, Kenz, Ty, and Hunter and Hadley. He suffered for you. He was crucified, for you. He was resurrected, for you. He lives. I am one of his sacred servants, and I do with my whole heart testify He lives. Always remember him. He loves you. His atonement is eternal and infinite. Through him, we are eternal. A family forever. I want you to remember Him this Christmas.

I hope you all have the best Holidays you can possibly have this year. I send my best love your way. I pray for you unceasingly. I feel your love without fail. Our Heavenly Father is blessing us indefinitely. Let us always follow his perfect plan. It ends up with us being together forever. How incredible it really is.

A little Change.

So we got a call yesterday. I have cambios. Remember when I said I wouldnt, Ya I dont know but its all good. I will get a new companion tomorrow. My seven weeks with Elder Flores were so very enjoyable, but it appears the time together is coming to a close. I will be in a new area, with a new ward, and new companion for Christmas. How different, but what an adventure. Dont for a second worry about me. I am sad you will not have the chance to get to know the awesome Elder Flores. He is so very grateful for the gifts you sent him, his face was so bright when he saw that you guys sent him something. You made his day. But now it is time to learn new lessons, with a new Elder. Things will turn out well, I sure do hope.

Sadly, we wont have the opportunity to speak until Christmas day. But I will make sure that I am on Skype and ready to talk to you guys on that wonderful day. I look forward to it greatly. What a blessing modern technology exists.

Until then, I send my love.

I love you all.

Merry Christmas

Elder Kasteler



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