Contactos Pues.

Dear Family and Friends, Brothers and Sisters, Colleagues and Associates. Hunter and Hadley.

This week was madness. Not really but kind of. We went all out. As most of you know, there is a new Church video He is the Gift. We recieved 350 cards to pass out this past week. They want us to go hard, so we go hard. Holy cow last week our numbers were super low. But then this week oh wow oh wow. We went crazy from sun up to several hours after sun down, we taught, we talked with EVERYone and we were running up and down our entire area. It was so much fun. We had so much to do. For those of you who know me, I love doing stuff. We did service, we taught families, we had casual conversations about salvation, we talked about life, we worked harder than in quite some time. And I loved every second of it. We had success. We got many good responses, many more doors were opened, we worked much harder, and the Lord blessed us in a grand way. What a blessing.

We are quickly approaching Week 6 in our planners. Which means there are changes in our near future. Not for our companionship or area, but for our District. Elder Flores is a killer district leader and so he is concerned as to what is going to happen. But my oh my how the time flies by. This week was some of the longest days of my mission, but this week flew by faster than the streets here fill up with garbage (unbelieveably rapidly).

All is going well. I get home every night exhausted, something I hope I can accomplish every day. The sun is beating down super strong here. We are almost at the equator so holy cow it gets hot sometimes. I am starting to get Peruvian skin. Or in other words, I am starting to get darker, but I still havent experienced a burn burn.

Our investigators are still the same. Nothing new to report. When we reach a stand still like this, things need to be examined and changed to see how we can rearrange our work to help move things along. So this is what we are doing. Hopefully the Lord will bless us with revelation. The ward is a little difficult here, because they are all so busy, but we are finding new ways to try to work with them. The mission is a grand game of finding what pieces go where, and what things need strengthening. One day I have a feeling that I will be able to find the perfect balance and

Our PDay was great today. We did a little scavenger hunt in the Church because it is the last Pday for two hermanas. I do not ever want to reach my last pday. I hope that day never comes. I dont want to end my mission. Because I have not sent very many pictures in the past, here is one of my district. These goofy goobers are pretty cool:


Things move quickly. We are quickly approaching Christmas. What a wonderful time of year. But let us never ever in a thousand years forget why we have this Holiday. Because even though we might get a new scooter, a new phone, new copies of the Book of Mormon (cam and spence), or lots of candy, we already have our the biggest greatest most priceless gift we can ever recieve, eternal salvation through our brother Jesus Christ. How cheesy, but oh how very true.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Pray to the Lord in all that you do. Serve in every moment. Love those around you. Have fun. Smile. Laugh. Live.

I think of you all daily.

I love you all incredibly.

Elder Kasteler


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