El es la Dadiva

Hello Everyone,

I imagine you all had a great week, and hope that this is the case.

My week was a little less than perfect. Our numbers are starting to fall a little. I dont know if I am gettting lazy or if I am lacking the spirit or what, but I feel like I am starting to fail in my missionary purpose. Mostly because my first months, I learned so incredibly much, everything was a new experience, but now its all so normal. I hope that I can recieve some revelation this week on how to improve.

Even my less than perfect weeks, have wonderful spiritual tender mercies.

Like when I gave 5 blessings this week. What a gift my priesthood authority I have.

Or when I described, almost word for word the basis of D&C 89 from memory, only having read it in seminary. The gift of remberance from the spirit is real.

This week we got some pretty iffy news. We walked into our room to find out that the owners were renting out an adjacent room. They informed us that we would have to share the bathroom. Bad news. President says we cant share bathrooms, even though both of them are male. So we started to look for new rooms, which are non existant near our pensionista. I love our room. I really didnt want to move. I was rather stressed about it. Then one morning when my companion was in the shower, I thought I should say a prayer. I didnt know why, but I did. I prayed that we could solve the problem in the Lords way. As we left the room to go find a new room, we talked with the owner. Almost effortlessly, he came up with a solution. We didnt have to move. We are still in our awesome room. And there are definite Tender Mercies of the Lord.

Look for these tender mercies.

Sometimes life gets a little discouraging, sometimes plans dont work out. Sometimes you dont have success. Some days no one opens doors. Some days your companion, nor yourself, feel like contacting. Some days your companion has to go to another area, and you are left with sometimes different missionaries. There are times when life is out of control. But life goes on. You become humble, and you look for the Lords ways, not your own. He has the solution, find it out.

I hope this week will be better.

I want you all to watch the He Is The Gift video. It is wonderful.

I hope you all reach the potential the Lord has in store for you this week. He has great plans. I will do my part to make sure He is there for you.

Thank you for your support.

I love you all.

Elder Kasteler


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